Hortitherapy without secrets. Nature and psychology against diabetes

The Hortitherapy Institute cordially invites you to attend a series of courses and workshops in “HORTITHERAPY without secrets – nature and psychology against diabetes”.

The courses, within a module format held in small groups include topics, such as modern diabetes therapy using neurolinguistic programing methods, and practical motivation psychology and persuasion combined with physical activity supported by hortitherapeutic activities and modern diet.

The basic premise of the training is medically proven principle that the main therapy method for diabetes, both type I and II, is movement, i.e. physical activity and diet, combined with body weight control and other parameters of the body. In order to effectively carry out these tasks adequate psychological preparation is required, which on the one hand requires the ability to effectively persuade and motivate both by therapists as well to build the right attitudes among the patients’ families (“diabetes, we will manage”) and in the patients themselves (“diabetes, it can be managed).

Additionally, the training organised by us provides examples of healthy physical exercise and activities (also hortitherapy) and healthy, as well as attractive nutrition. In general, the training idea can be summed up in the slogan: “Diabetes is not a sentence, one can live with it”. An important element of the training is a healing contact with nature implemented through horti-therapeutic activities. That contact with nature is an important innovation in the treatment of diabetes. Another part of the training (implemented depending on the need) is the promotion and teaching healthy lifestyles as a form of diabetes prevention.

Our work is based on active training methods, different for three groups of participants: patients, families and therapists.

Diabetes is one of humanity’s major health problems. In Poland, the situation is equally serious: nearly 3 million people suffer from it. Thus, prevention of diabetes is becoming one of the basic conditions for a healthy life of Polish people. Every method is good. The idea to combine psychology, hortitherapy and classic medicine is an innovative approach to the problem of diabetes; it is a method of prevention and at the same time a method of treatment.

Creating a good mood and greater openness to medical treatment increases the effectiveness of prevention and treatment, and that is why the mentioned combination of hortitherapy, psychology and medicine is an excellent way to deal with diabetes. It is very important to communicate, in order to try and see how modern diabetes therapy works by using innovative methods such as music therapy as performed by Pro Musica Anatigua.

We invite you to join our courses – Zofia Wojciechowska (M.A.), Katarzyna Kowalcze (PhD. Eng.) and Krzysztof Mika (journalist).

Our work is based on research conducted by scientists and experts from the Research Centre for Cultural Heritage and Natural Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, MEDINA NZOZ Private Health Care and “Diabetyk” magazine.


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